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OEPA Grants 
Class 1 Waste Permits 
to Buckeye Brine
Below you will find a notice from the OEPA that announces permitting the conversion of two Class 2 waste injection wells into Class 1 non-hazardous waste wells that are located on Airport Road across from Walmart on SR 36. CECA will be holding a meeting shortly for our members and interested parties to discuss what we can do.

A second notice is included that presents public  comments and OEPA's response.

We are also including the finalized permit that will be in effect from June 25th, 2019 to June 25th, 2024.

Requests for informaton:
CECA has requested copies of all Notices of Deficiency and other communications that direct Buckeye Brine to take actions or make adjustments to meet regulations or directives from the OEPA to comply with the permit. We are also requesting Buckeye Brine's responses. 

We have asked to know if the well casing failures in both wells have been repaired. At the time of the public comment period one of the wells in question had 900 feet of cement missing below the surface. The long string casing in the other well had separated.

We will post OEPA's responses to these and other questions. 

Statehouse Watch
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House Bill 6 Passes
Ohio Taxpayers will Bail Out Nuclear Industry.

Renewable Energy Requirements
to be Phased Out
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Sign the Statewide Petition
Against SB 33
More info on Senate Bill 33
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The Ohio Health Care Act was introduced as
House Bill 292 for the new legislative session
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House Bill 393
Allows radioactive oilfield waste to be sold to public to de-ice driveways and sidewalks
Learn more about HB 393
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What is Class 1 Waste?

It's complicated.

Class 1 waste is divided into two categories; Hazardous and Non-Hazardous. Hazardous waste is dangerous even in storage and must be carefully monitored. It is also much more likely to cause mortality in the event of accidents or contact. Although the categories are different, the wells that they inject into are identical in construction whether they are permitted for Hazardous or Non-Hazardous waste. The only difference is the permit. A Class 1 Non-Hazardous well can obtain a permit to become a Class1 Hazardous well.  

Certain very toxic chemicals are identified and listed as Hazardous and must go into a Class 1 well that is permitted for hazardous waste. The EPA sets standards for maximum contaminant levels for chemicals in drinking water which are usually expressed in ppm, (parts per million).  1 ppm  =  (1 / 1,000,000), is about 1 drop in 40 gallons of water. Some extremely deadly chemicals like Dioxin are listed at 30 ppq, (30 parts per quadrillion. (30 / 1,000,000,000,000,000.) These are Hazardous wastes based on TOXICITY.

A substance must also be injected into a Class 1 Hazardous well if it is a low level RADIOACTIVE waste. (High level radioactive waste is disposed of in special facilities.)

Any BIOLOGICAL waste like blood, surgical drainage or body fluids is Hazardous waste.

What about waste that doesn’t fall into these three categories? Any other waste that is not listed as Hazardous, is not Radioactive, and not Biological must be classified into Hazardous or Non-Hazardous waste. A set of criteria has been established that is used to analyze the waste to determine its classification. A waste specialist uses the following broad guidelines to make the determination:

CONCENTRATION – Is a there chemical or substance present in the waste in a strong intense state that would require injection into a Hazardous well or is it in a weaker less active condition allowing disposal in a Non-Hazardous well?

COMBINATION – Can a chemical in the waste be mixed with other substances that are injected without causing chemical reactions? Is it compounded or mixed with other substances that make it unstable?

VOLATILITY – Can a chemical or substance in the waste combust, explode, or react to create a gas?

CORROSIVENESS – Can a chemical or substance in the waste reduce or oxidize other components of the waste or the well infrastructure to cause reactions or damage?

Chemicals that are not a listed Hazardous toxin, not Radioactive, and not Biological can be injected into either a Class1 Hazardous well or a Class 1 Non-Hazardous well depending on how it is analyzed and classified using the above criteria.

It seems that Class 1 Non-Hazardous waste can contain more than just curds and whey, and soap bubbles, and pickle juice.

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CECA Resolution and Signature Page
CECA resolution For VOLUNTEERS (1 pg).pdf CECA resolution For VOLUNTEERS (1 pg).pdf
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Must See Videos
Reports on the record of the Class 1 Well operations in Winona, Texas by Gibraltar Chemical Resources, a company
run during the 1990's by the owners and operators of Buckeye Brine.
Environmentalists raise alarms over proposed billion dollar Asian petrochemical complex along the Ohio River. Politicians involved will reap huge profits.