About Us


Coshocton Environmental and Community Awareness Inc. (CECA), is a non-profit organization serving Coshocton County and the State of Ohio.  Our mission is education, civic action promoting health and environmental justice, and coalition-building with like-minded grassroots organizations. We are informing our neighbors about the serious impacts of the continued development and use of oil, gas, and coal and joining statewide and national efforts to oppose and replace carbon based energy generation.

Teaching and Learning About Impacts on our Climate

The Debate Is Over

For decades climate scientists have been warning us about impending climate "tipping points" that we are now rapidly approaching and will certainly reach if we do not cut back on the amount of CO2 that we are currently releasing into the atmosphere. These warnings have gone unheeded, largely due to a well funded campaign designed to confuse the public and discredit the science that overwhelmingly supports the reality of global warming and climate change.  The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is a conservative international body of over 2000 scientists from 154 countries,  including major oil producers like Venezuela and Saudi Arabia. They studied the peer reviewed research of over 800 of their colleagues and have stated with 95% certainty in their most recent report that 1) Climate change is real, 2) People are causing it,  and 3) The predicted consequences are happening.  Our organization is committed to presenting the conclusions of fact-based peer reviewed scientific studies such as this. It is crucial to dispel the confusion generated by climate change deniers who represent a tiny fraction of  the academic community. We must act. We are running out of time. It is no longer a question of if climate change will impact our children, the question is how hard will we allow them to be hit.    

Living on the Shale

Our county has been targeted for shale development. Horizontal well  drilling has begun. Disposal wells are flooding the geology beneath us with millions of barrels of liquid waste from surrounding states.  The comments of citizens during the discussions at our meetings have been revealing. They feel unprepared for the major changes coming to the agrarian culture that defines our community and are not ready to assume the risks to their water supply, their quality of life, their health, their farming operations, and their property rights and property value. We are committed to presenting experts who can speak with integrity and authority to answer their questions. Our goal is to provide a forum for nationally recognized engineers, ecologists, geologists, climatologists, investigative journalists, health care providers, and public health officials along with citizens and policy makers who have had direct experience with hydrofracking to speak in Eastern and Central Ohio.  Bringing these kinds of perspectives into our region offers the people of our community and our leaders and policy makers the opportunity to sit down with accomplished individuals to further their own understanding. 

Solving the Problems - Going Green

We have the technology to get us out of the mess we have created. Sun and wind are now cost competitive with oil and gas powered utilities. The cost of producing energy with solar panels and wind turbines is steadily declining and is becoming more competitive with carbon fuels each year. Once your solar or wind system is paid for the power you produce is free.  In addition any power that you generate beyond your needs can be sold to your local energy company providing clean energy to your neighbors.  Nations around the world are investing heavily in wind and solar projects.  What our nation is lacking is the political leadership do make the transition to renewable energy a priority.  An informed public can make a difference. CECA is committed to keeping the public informed about green energy technology, those who are promoting it, and those who are trying to stop it. It is absolutely crucial that we begin a fast transition away from carbon powered energy and adopt clean alternatives.